My ex and the neighbor

My ex was a country girl gone wild. She had many episodes with many men but I have never told about her and the neighbor lady. I was out of town one week & when I came home as we were laying in bed getting ready to have sex she said that she wanted to tell me something that happened this week. Now when she starts a conversation like that I knew that it had to do with sex. She said that early in the week our neighbor in the next duplex had invited her over one night to have a drink. We had both wondered about her & didn’t know her very well so she said she thought it might be a good time to get to know her. Well they started off with some wine & conversation & soon were talking about how thin the walls were between her bedroom & ours & how the neighbor would hear us fucking every weekend. My ex said she was sorry if we made too much noise but the neighbor said she would lay on her bed & listen to us fuck & get herself off with us. This surprised my ex & they both laughed about how horny I was by the weekend. The neighbor ask if my ex had ever done coke which my ex said no but would like to try. The neighbor went to the bedroom & came back in a short gown & a tray with lines of coke . She sat down next to my ex and showed her how to use the straw & my ex said that soon after the first hit she was spinning. The neighbor lady then reached over & touched my ex’s leg & leaned over & kissed my ex. My ex said that being high & the sensation of the first time being kissed by another women made her wet & she decided to see where this was going. The neighbor then started to rub my ex’s breast & slowly took off her top & started sucking & kissing my ex’s breast & licking her nipples. My ex said that she started getting into the act by caressing the neighbors breast then lifted gown off her to suck on her breast. 
Now the whole time she is telling me this story she is stroking my now very hard cock & I ask her to keep telling what happened. She said that she stood up & stripped so that they both were naked & they lay down on the couch together kissing & rubbing their pussy on each other. My ex said that the neighbor lady then slowly slid down my ex until she had her tongue in my ex’s cunt. My ex said that she had never had her pussy licked so well & that she almost came as soon as she felt the tongue hit her clit. They lay there with my ex holding the lady’s head & grinding her pussy against the neighbors tongue until she decided she wanted to try going down on the neighbor. She said she pushed our neighbor back & then she started running her tongue deep inside the neighbor’s pussy & said that once she started she did not want to quit & that she loved the feel of another women’s pussy on her lips. My ex said that they traded back & forth till they wound up kissing again & they both rubbed their pussy together till they both came. My ex said that they lay there a while & that as she got up to get dressed the neighbor ask if she would tell me about what happened. My ex said she smiled & said that she was sure that she would this weekend & if she heard us fucking like crazy that she would know that I liked what happened as much as they did! 
Well we did fuck like crazy all weekend & I did like what happened & told my ex I hoped it happened again, but never did.